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Waldbau Stackelitz-Harz GmbH is a company in Sachsen Anhalt (Germany).

The Stackelitz group is a full service provider in the environmental and forestry sector. In the areas of landscaping and horticulture, forestry services, forestry production, the production of renewable raw materials and much more, Waldbau Stackelitz-Harz GmbH is the competent contact.

In the area of forestry services, Waldbau Stackelitz has been using Neuson Forest Harvester since beginning. The company focuses very much on forest care and soil protection and therefore up to 6 tracked harvesters form Neuson Forest (3x 9002HV, 11002HVT, 103HV und 133HVT) are used for the first and second thinning at the same time.

The service-friendly harvesters from Neuson Forest are reliably in use and at a favorable price. The successful cooperation between the two parties presupposes trust and competence from both sides. Neuson Forest is proud to be in business with this successful traditional company!

All-round machine 183HVT „from the steep slope to wet surface (soft soil) operation all with one machine“

Mr. Florian Haas – Founder and Managing Director of Haas Forstbetrieb – has been working in forestry since 2000. Since 2004 he has been working with Harvesters, currently he is driving a Neuson Forest 183HVT with long reach boom (11,2m reach) in combination with a Logmax 5000D. In his company he runs two other tracked harvesters, one 182HVT with a Logmax 6000 head and a Neuson 9002er.

The company Haas Forstbetrieb has specialized in the work in steep slopes and wet surfaces and works with their machines mainly in Bavaria and Tyrol. With the Neuson Forest Harvester 183HVT Florian Haas reaches 11.2 m into the forest; the rest must then be cut by hand. The Neuson hardly needs the help of a traction winch. Haas: „He climbs like a Gams, if necessary until the summit cross …“. Up to 60 percent gradient he can easily climb with the Neuson, but it also depends a lot on the soil texture. Together with his partner Josef Kitzbichler, he runs a CAT caterpillar with a traction winch, whereby the rope is only used in very poor soil conditions with the Neuson harvester, the forwarder cannot be operated in the steep slope without a traction winch. (Source: Forstmaschinenprofi, 24th edition, no. 8 August 2016).

But also Haas is ideally equipped for the wet area. Since the Neuson Forest harvester can be equipped with different steel tracks – in the case of the company Haas he can easily change from 600mm single-grouser-tracks to 700-mm wide 3-grouser-tracks (which are curved at the end for less soil damage). With the 700mm curved steel racks he can easily run the machine on soft and wet surfaces (peat and swamp land). With the quick-change system available at Neuson Forest, the steel tracks can be changed in the forest within a short time.

Haas Forstbetrieb
Contact: Florian Haas

85625 Baiern
Ebersberg, Landkreis, Oberbayern

Email: haas-forstbetrieb@gmx.de
Mobil: +49 172 8218680

Silvana forestry service

SILVANA Forstservice is a forestry full-service provider in the Most- and Mühlviertel region in Austria. They not only have the most up-to-date technical equipment to deal with all challenges in the forestry but also have the best trained personnel for the management of forestry properties of all sizes. Silvana has been working with Neuson Forest tracked harvesters for years.

With their own machines and a network of partner companies, they offer timber harvesting in difficult areas. Careful handling of the forest soil and the remaining stock is a top priority in timber harvesting.
Wood harvesting in forest areas with sensitive soils is often a challenge even for professionals. There are people and machines that have committed themselves to this challenge. With the corresponding technical equipment of Neuson Forest and know-how, Silvana Forst even manages steep or wet soils successfully.
Recent Achievement

In November 2016, Silvana Forst bought the newest harvester for their operation. It was the Neuson 183HVT with a Waratah parallel boom CH175 and the LogMax aggregate 5000D. „From thinning to final cut, we can use this machine. It has enough power for the big harvester head, „Plessl (managing director) says. The system has two hydraulic pumps. One is for the harvesting head operation and the second for the work hydraulics. Each of the two pumps provides a flow rate of 323 l / min, which is a significant increase to the previous machine. The engine (6068HFG82) comes from John Deere and has a power of 132 kW.

Compact, ergonomic and light-footed

Due to the overall width of 2.55 m, the 183HVT is compactly built and easy to maneuver. The machine operator Franz Schachinger already has 15 years of professional experience and skillfully demonstrated the agility of his harvester. With a working radius of 360 ° on the stand, he easily reaches the trunks and does not have to drive around the tree. With a tilt of +25% to the front and +/- 15% to the side, the driver can level the superstructure and determine its optimal working position. The ground pressure of the 183HVT is 0.42 kg / cm2. „Compared to wheeled harvesters of the same strength class, this is ten times lower,“ informed Andreas Weißenbacher, Sales Manager at Neuson-Forest. Thanks to this property, Silvana Forst are able to live up to their maxim – the soil conservation.

Flexible manufacturer

Due to the frequent use of the harvester in the hardwood, Silvana Forst equipped the new 183HVT with the heavy-duty package. This is a metal protective device for lights and windshield wipers. It is designed to protect filigree, fragile parts. Especially in hardwood harvesting, the danger of falling branches is great. Additional safety is provided by a dozer blade at the rear of the machine. Especially in the steep slope or on soft ground, the driver can stabilize the harvester with the shield and concentrate on working with the processor. The dozer blade can also be used for smaller repairable work operations. At the end, Weißenbacher remarked: „Apart from the visual appearance, our tracked harvesters have nothing in common with an excavator.“

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